Frequently Asked Questions

The Residence Club at Carlton Landing is an equity residence club™ providing owners with shared ownership of charming, fully furnished lakeside residences within the Carlton Landing resort community. Owners lodge in meticulously appointed residences and have Boat Club and Lake House privileges. The Club staff ensures worry-free ownership and hassle-free vacations.
Residence clubs combine the benefits of vacation home ownership with resort amenities and hotel services. Residence club ownership provides generous and flexible vacation use, removes the worries typically associated with absentee ownership, and significantly reduces the financial burden. The Residence Club at Carlton Landing provides the added benefit of Boat Club privileges.
Yes. Ownership is evidenced by a real estate deed, which is recorded and guaranteed by a title insurance policy.
Only seven Club owners receive deeded interests in each Club residence, allowing for frequent and flexible lodging throughout the year.
Yes. The concept was introduced more than 20 years ago and has been enthusiastically embraced by affluent buyers at premier resorts such as: Aspen, Vail, Telluride, and Steamboat Springs, Colorado; Deer Valley, Utah; Palm Springs, Napa Valley and Lake Tahoe, California; Tucker’s Town and Southampton, Bermuda; Los Cabos and Huatulco, Mexico. There are also residence clubs in Manhattan and Italy. Each of these residence clubs is owned and operated much like The Residence Club at Carlton Landing. The creator of the residence club concept is part of the Carlton Landing team.
As often as you wish, subject only to the Club’s reservations policies and availability. Owners have the flexibility of reserving Planned Vacations well in advance and also visiting on a short-notice basis. If all owners use their club equally throughout the year, each would enjoy a minimum of seven weeks annually. However, there is no limit on use. If some owners visit their Club less, others can visit more.
Yes. Owners may invite unaccompanied guests to use any of their confirmed Club vacations without a guest fee.
Yes. Your club has been selected to participate in the Elite AllianceSM exchange program ( Your complimentary Elite Alliance ownership provides exchange privileges with owners at a select and expanding family of residence clubs and other resort properties in coveted national and international destinations.