Welcome to Carlton Landing!

Imagine a place… where you can enjoy time together – free of distractions.  Where kids can safely play and explore the natural world around them. Where the hustle and bustle of life is held at bay.  Where a life of simplicity is not only possible, but encouraged.


The idea of Carlton Landing was birthed from a realization that our society needs a good escape option. Our world is moving faster than ever these days and time is our most precious resource. In the process of ‘trying to keep up’, it’s easy to lose track of the most important things in life – things like rest, recreation and special time with kids or grandkids. The small joys of enjoying a good book on a covered porch on a rainy morning, going for a walk in the late afternoon, growing your own food, or having long dinners with good friends are sometimes lost in the shuffle. When you stop to think about it, these are the things that mean the most and make for a memorable life.


Sometimes, we need a place to go away and find the life we dream of. A place to reconnect with our family.  To reconnect with our friends.  A place to reconnect with nature and with the infinite power of creation. A place to be restored and renewed.  A place to build lasting memories and have the option of enjoying a life of simplicity.  This place is Carlton Landing. Welcome!